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前書へ | 後書へ


Rough translation and screencaps of episode 39.. Beware of heavy images~

Last episode, and I've made too many screencaps -__-;; **so tired** Not much fanning this time (or so I hope), since I’ve did that in my previous entry ^^;;

Shuurei and Ryuuki’s conversation has been shifted from the ship to the palace garden. And Ryuuren’s didn’t make his remark about the change in Shuurei’s body..

Again, the entry is too large, so I have to divide it into two parts..


The moon~

Narration : Leaving Kyuusaikou, the ship that brought Shuurei and the other is heading towards Kiyou..

Shuurei was reading the information that was handed over by Shuuei the other night. Ryuuki saw her from the door, and decided not to disturb…

Shuurei felt a presence behind her, though she saw no one when she turned back. Then she was gazing at the moon outside her window..

Ryuuki was also gazing at the moon..

More of him~

TanTan : Wasn’t he went to see Ojou-san?

Ensei : I wonder about that. He must have his own circumstances.
TanTan : Everyone talks about respecting her will, but if they decline, she might end up being alone for life.

Ensei : You should directly say that to Seiran.
TanTan : No way. If I do, he definitely will throw bamboo shoots at me.
TanTan : After all, even if I do talk to him, I doubt he will act.
Ensei : Huh. TanTan, you really have the ability to see through others.

TanTan : Do you know why I tell you this?
TanTan : You like Hime-san, don’t you?

TanTan : Isn’t he cool? Perhaps no one, not even that girl, will realize his feeling, not for eternity.

Under the moon, not far from them…

Shuuei was recalling his parting ways with Shusui…
Shusui : ..I won’t return. Goodbye.
Shuuei : Shusui-dono.. someday I definitely will..

On the opposite direction..

Juusan-hime recalled the event with Jin at the Hyou shrine.

She threw away the piece of the eye patch that she had..

…then she felt a strange presence behind her..

Juusan-hime : ..ugh… Aah.. Ryuuren-niisama..
Juusan-hime : Oh right, I heard you were able to calm down the rain
Juusan-hime : How did you do that? Please tell me..

Ryuuren : Hmm?
Shuuei : Ugh..

Ryuuren : I shall grant my sister’s wish~
Shuuei & Juusan-hime : Agh..

(the ship starts to shake…)
Juusan-hime : ..tha.. that’s enough, Nii-sama..
Juusan-hime : It’s not raining now, why don’t you show me the next time when rain falls.. aagghh..

Shuuei : That is the extra that comes with my prize?
Shuuei : No matter how I think about it, I can only see it as me ended up taking the prize I didn’t wish for..
Juusan-hime : **wailing**

The ship arrived at Kiyou…

…and Yuushun welcomed them at the port…

Yuushun : Welcome back, Your Majesty.
Ryuuki : I…’m sorry..
Yuushun : You don’t need to apologize.

Ryuuki : Am I not too late?
Yuushun : In order not to let that happen..
Yuushun : In order not to let that happen, we shall do our best, my King,

Ryuuki : Right.

The rest of the passenger..

When Shuuei saw Seiran at Yuushun’s side..

Seiran : I didn’t think you will return here. I’m amazed.
Shuuei : I’m back after casting away the Rans, in order to serve the emperor, as his subordinate for the rest of my life.
Seiran : Are you serious? What will you do if this happens again?

Shuuei : I have vowed. Not to you, but to His Majesty, Shi Ryuuki.

Their smile…

The birds~

Gyoshidai, Kouki’s office…

Kouki : You’ve returned. Then it means that Kou Shuurei has returned as well..
TanTan : Ah.. umm.. well.. you’re right..
TanTan : Ah, however, it seemed that she went straight home today, along with her father.

Kouki : Then, as usual, I shall hear your detailed report on Kou Shuurei’s action.
TanTan : Ukh..
Kouki : Did she go to Kyuusaikou?

TanTan : I have tried to stop her, but she went there in the end.
Kouki : …I see..

TanTan on his way out of Kouki’s office when he met Seiga..
TanTan : ..huh?

Seiga : You’re such an idiot.
TanTan : I certainly am.

TanTan : However, I will never do this kind of stupid thing for your sake.
TanTan : That’s how it is.

Seiga’s expression…

Again, at Gyoshidai, Kouki’s office

Shuurei : Good morning.
Shuurei : This is the present you’ve asked. Aigamo’s eggs and monkey head mushrooms.

Shuurei : Chief, I’ve heard about it. Both Aigamo and monkey head mushrooms can only be found at Kyuusaikou.
Kouki : I suppose I’ve said that you’ll be fired if you dare to enter Kyuusaikou.
Kouki : Did you enter or not? Which one?
Shuurei : What kind of report did Shin Suou give you?
Kouki : He clearly said that you’ve entered that place.
Kouki : In other word, you’re fired.

Shuurei : You’ve got hold of TanTan’s father weakness, and made him observing me. Isn’t that right, Chief?
Kouki : Indeed.
Shuurei : After he gave you that report, what else did he say?
Kouki : Everything was his own mistake, so he’ll get fired in place of Kou Shuurei, and he asked me to end this matter at that point.
Kouki : Well, it’s not unusual for superior officer to cast off their subordinates to cover their lack of competence, so I have gave him my approval.
Shuurei : ..but..!!
Kouki : As a matter of course, I’ve released him from his duty as a gyoushi apprentice, and he’ll be sent to regional post.
Kouki : I’ve issued a reassignment notice. At this time, he probably is on his way to Kiyou’s city gate.

Kouki : Riku Seiga, who cast off people; and Kou Shuurei, who received help from others..
Kouki : They’re a complete opposite of each other..
Kouki : How far they will be able to go, I wonder. That’s something worthwhile to see.

Kouki also pointed out that it’s common for superior officer to put blame on their junior to cover their lack of experience, however it’s uncommon for junior officer to give themselves up in order to cover their superior’s lackness (which happened in TanTan’s case..)

At Kiyou’s city gate..

TanTan : ..well, I guess it should be fine this way.
TanTan : After all, if I stay by her side, I would again end up being manipulated by the Chief..
TanTan : She must have heard about the whole thing by now. I wonder if she’s angry.
TanTan : That’s because she’s too lenient.
TanTan : Well, she’s the type of woman who learn from experience. She would never repeat the same thing.
TanTan : I guess that’s my last present for her.

Shuurei : TanTan!!
TanTan : ..urk..

Shuurei : Stupid TanTan! Are you trying to run away without paying me back the money I’ve lend you to cover your debt!?
TanTan : Ukh.. I’ll definitely pay you back.
TanTan : That’s why, don’t you think that our relation will end just like this.

Shuurei : I’ll have your word on this, okay?
Shuurei : When I’ve made name for myself, I’ll definitely call you back, even if you don’t want to!
TanTan : Yeah~ Then, you have to properly make name for yourself.
Shuurei : You don’t have to tell me. I’ll never repeat this kind of mistake!!

Ensai : Suou~
TanTan : Hmm?
Ensai : Why did she look so sad? You’re getting a promotion, right?
TanTan : Ah, old man, that’s a secret.

Kouki : Shin Suou, you’re promoted from a gyoshi apprentice to the position of observing gyoshi officer.

TanTan : He he he
Ensai : Living leisurely at the rural area doesn’t sound too bad. Your mother and I have thought of growing vegetables. Isn’t that right, Mother?

TanTan : Well.. it was said that stupidity can be fixed by experience. I’ll gain more experience, then I’ll make Seiga and that takenoko kajin went speechless.

Anju : ..unexpectedly, he had made it back from Kyuusaikou
Anju : That emperor sure is doing pretty well.
Anju : He has been able to reach the Hyou’s shrine, just like the ancient tale. I wonder if that means that he has the qualification to be an emperor.
Ou Ki : Who would believe things like such a stupid superstition..
Ou Ki : There are many examples that didn’t live to the expectation of that myth.
Ou Ki : From now onwards, we should be able to see whether or not he is qualified to be an emperor.

Anju : By the way, sending Kou Shuurei to search for the emperor is again, another failure, eh?
Anju : Rather than getting rid of her along with the emperor, she had remarkably brought him back.
Anju : That hime-sama is not to be underestimated.

At Ryuuki’s office…

Ryuuki : …Ou Ki wants the throne..?
Yuushun : Indeed. I’m afraid that he has planned this for quite a long time ago.
Ryuuki : I know that the Monkasho has opposed several issues..

Yuushun : That’s because me of the exam faction have opposed the nobles..
Ryuuki : ..no! That’s because you spoke of my ideas..
Ryuuki : ..in order to divert their attention from me..
Yuushun : I think the root lies deeper.
Yuushun : Perhaps from the era of the late emperor..

Yuushun : Many noble families were annihilated for no reason, and they were forced to collapse.
Ryuuki : And I have issued a number of policies without any regard to the Monkasho’s opinion. As the result, many nobles were forced to resign from their position.
Yuushun : It’s natural to cast off nobles who could only rely on their wealth in order to maintain their position in court.

Ryuuki : Ou Ki must think that what had happened is getting intolerable.

Yuushun : Somehow, your journey to the Ran province has become a public secret.
Ryuuki : In this critical moment, I’ve pushed everything at your hand and escaped..
Yuushun : Your Majesty, there must be a way somewhere, in order to get a hold of everything.
Yuushun : Let’s find it. I’ll help you.

Ryuuki : Yuushun, I’m intending to stay as an emperor.
Ryuuki : I’ve confirmed that during my journey to the Ran province.

Ryuuki : Will you follow me?
Yuushun : I shall do, to the end of the world.

The morning court…

The officials were stating their objection of Ryuuki’s act.. (while Shou-taishi and Sou-taifu didn’t say anything..)
Officer : Honestly, I’ve had enough of this.
Officer : To think that he would escape to go after one of his subordinate, and to vacant the throne for a long period of time..
Officer : There’s limit to his ignorance of his being the emperor.
Officer : Unqualified emperor will led the country ashtray.

Ou Ki and Anju..

Ryuuki and Yuushun entering the room..

Reishin : ..that brat..
Ro-shousho : ..however, his expression has changed..
Reishin : ..hng?

Ro-shousho : I think now he seems determined and refreshed.
Reishin : ..huh.

Uu : Ooh.. Your Majesty..
Riou : Huh. It seems that he did cool off his head.

A pair of bird perched in a branch of a tree at the courtyard..

Ryuuki : I see. So I can take that nothing have changed in particular?
Ryuuki : It’s fine, then.

Ryuuki : Nothing happened at Monkasho as well, hasn’t it, Ou Ki?
Ou Ki : I presume nothing happened, Your Majesty.

The glares…

The spectators…

Shou-taishi and Sou-taifu..

Ou Ki, Ryuuki and Yuushun…

At other place, Ensei, Shuurei, and Shouka..
Shuurei : You have to seriously study all of these, Ensei.
Ensei : I want to stay longer at Ran province…

Shuurei : What are you saying?
Shuurei : If you start from now, you might be able to make it before the next imperial exam.
Shuurei : You have to study well.
Ensei : I’m fine with being your subordinate at the Gyoshidai.
Shuurei : No, you can’t. You have to pass the exam, and then you’ll have to help Yuushun and Ryuuki.
Ensei : If you’re worrying about those two, Ran-shogun has returned and they have him. Nothing will change in particular even if I’m not around.

Shuurei : That’s not enough. Am I right, Tou-sama?
Shouka : Hmm.. you’re right. It will be our advantage if we have more allies.
Shouka & Shuurei & Ensei : **sigh**

Shuurei : Oh, that’s right!
Shuurei : Why don’t you ask Ryuuren to teach you?
Ensei : ..eeehh!?
Ryuuren : If you lost your way, I shall be your guide.

Ensei : Urk..
Shuurei :Ryuuren!!

Flute starts~
Shuurei : Uaaaghhh~
Ensei : Enough! I say you’ll only led me ashtray!!
Shouka : Hmm..


Part two..


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Mar. 12th, 2008 01:30 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for your efforts. ^_____________^

Though I am sad that it is at the end!
Mar. 12th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
^^ No probs~
( 2 花束 — 一輪の花を奉げよう )