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前書へ | 後書へ


Rough translation and screencaps of episode 38.. Beware of heavy images~

First part...


And night comes..

Shuuei : Shuurei-dono, do you have a minute?
Shuurei : Huh? Ran-shogun?
Shuuei : Everything that you might want to investigate is supposed to be here.
Shuurei : Huh.. how come..?

Shuuei : With this, now you can return.
Shuuei : You’d better send a letter to Governor Kyou, telling him that you’re heading back to Kiyou.
Shuuei : I’ll prepare the ship. Let’s go back together.
Shuurei : Huh!? That means, you’re coming back with us, right?

Shuuei : Hey, Shuurei-dono. You didn’t try to stop me, not even once. Have you presumed that I will return to the emperor?
Shuurei : No. I think that everyone have their own priorities at mind. You’ve been through many things before you came into that decision. I can’t possibly say anything against the decision that you have made. However..

Shuuei : ..however..?
Shuurei : If you do leave Ryuuki, and Ryuuki asked me to bring you back, I’ve prepared to do anything at all to convince you.

In the novel, Shuuei asked something of Shuurei, a question that will make her have **somewhat** a different perspective when Ryuuki talks to her in the ship..

A peaceful night~

The ship from Ran family’s personal army, Ryuujin..

Shuuei : To think that aniue-tachi would willingly lend me a ship.. should I say that this is their last compassion?
Gyokuka : Your prize comes with an extra, you know.
Shuuei : Huh?

Shuurei : Huh!?

Shuurei : Ryuuren!!

Ryuuren : Bosom friend no. 1 and her friends! I shall take you back to Kiyou three times faster!

Shuurei : To Kiyou!



**fyuuh** One more to go~ (and school is going to start tomorrow...)