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前書へ | 後書へ


Rough translation and screencaps of episode 38.. Beware of heavy images~

I thought Kuro would be in this episode, just like Shourin and Youshun (they didn’t appear in the Kobu scene, but did appear in the later Sa-shuu arc..), but it didn’t.. Shun/Jin’s contemplation on Juusan-hime and the conversation between Shouka and the triplets didn’t make it either…

...anyhow.. this episode covering page 227 to 266 of the novel.. and **urk** I'm fanning too much this time >_<;;; that's why this entry is too large, so I have to divide it into two parts -__-;;;


Shusui : ..aah!! Someone has broken the holy mirror..!

Shusui found Ensei and Shuurei in the room where the mirror is kept..

When she saw the broken mirror..

Shusui : Ensei-san! You broke the mirror, didn’t you? What have you done..
Ensei : Uh.. no.. I know nothing..
Shusui : Don’t bother to make excuses. I guess you can do nothing about it. After all, you didn’t know, and this seems like something you would do.
Ensei : Hey, wait a moment..

Shusui : ..this is it. In the past, it was said that in order to calm down the ayakashi who were about to overflow from the mirror, Souyou-ki played the niko..
Shusui : My skill is nothing compared to her, however..

(CIIW, they always play this song for niko?)

Ensei : ..the tremor has..
Shusui : Please hurry and leave now. Shuurei-sama is fine. She’s just sleeping.
Ensei : Alright.

Shuuei : The tremor has calmed down.
Ryuuren : However, this rain..
Shuuei : Can’t you do something about this? Ran Ryuuren
Ryuuren : Fuh.. on the contrary of a certain foolish brother, I’ve always accomplished my duty without fail.

Shuuei : ..good work, Ryuuren..
Shuurei : ..uhh..

Ryuuren : Shuurei!
Shuuei : Shuurei-dono!

In the novel version, the first thing Shuurei said (yelled) when she regained consciousness was, “Ryuureeeeen! Weren’t you go looking for onsen!?” (under this kind of situation, she clearly remember that ^^;; )

TanTan : Uuuh.. what should I do.. It seems that the rope is going to snap off anytime soon.
TanTan : …uh.. should I escape?
TanTan : ..uh..
TanTan : 21 years old, eh?
TanTan : Lower rank officer like me already have so much trouble in hand, I guess it must be tougher for the emperor.
TanTan : Uaagh! The boat is in danger. If we were to be washed away, how far will we go?
TanTan : Won’t anybody return sooner?
TanTan : Huh!?

TanTan thought that it must be hard for Ryuuki to have someone like Kouki to be his subordinate, something he certainly wouldn’t want to..

Shuurei : TanTan! Sorry to make you waiting for so long!
Ensei : Ugghh~

Shuurei : He’s got fever.
Shuurei : ..Ryuuki..
Ryuuki : ..ahh.. merry mushroom’s child is doing bon odori around a cute panda… ..guh..
Shuurei : This doesn’t look too good..

The other three when they heard what he has just said…

Shusui : Let me go, you..!!
Shuuei : Don’t kid me.
Shusui : Uuhh.. let me go.. ouch!

Shuuei : Juusan-hime hasn’t..
Shuuei : Ensei-dono, if I haven’t return in a quarter of hour, please go ahead.

Shun : That’s the last thing you’ve left behind, Shuuei.
Shuuei : ..Jin!

Shuuei : You can actually calm her down.
Shun : Well, that’s because I’m used to it. She did scratch me countless of time, though.. but it’s not a big deal.

Shun : Go, Shuuei.

Shun : Good for you, Shusui. You’ve got something worthwhile for coming all the way to Kyuusaikou.

Shun : Shuuei, your steering skill haven’t rotten yet, have you? Don’t get washed away by this sort of muddy stream!

(even if, one in a million chance, Shuuei can’t handle the stream, they still have Ryuuren, don’t they? Or, because Shuuei is an ordinary man, he would able to get both of them and the boat safely through the stream; while in Ryuuren’s case, he might get them to land safely, without the boat?)

The boat start to move away, and Shusui jump off…

Shuuei : Shusui-dono!

Shuurei : Shusui, wait..!!

Ryuuki : ..Shusui… wait…

Shusui : …I won’t return… Goodbye..

Shuuei : Shusui-dono.. one day, I certainly will..

Shun : Are you fine with this?
Shusui : I’ve told you, haven’t I? I won’t run anymore. I've had enough living in fear. I’ve decided to do something for myself.
Shusui : ..that’s why, I can’t return with you, Shouka-sama..

Shouka : If you go back there, you do know what will happen, don’t you?
Shouka : Shusui, Ruka won’t forgive you.
Shusui : I’m aware of that. Nevertheless, for me, the thought of me returning with you and become a burden for you and everyone else is more agonizing.
Shouka : Protecting you alone is something I’m still capable of. Let’s go home.
Shusui : But, Shouka-sama.. always running is painful and it makes me suffer.

Shusui : Please go. Although I don’t stand any chance to win, this is something that I have to do, I can’t have anyone to replace me for this.
Shusui : I thank you for coming all the way to get me.
Shusui : Shouka-sama, goodbye..

At the Ran main house..

Gyokuka : Everyone have fallen asleep. They must be exhausted. They sleep so soundly.
Shuuei : I see.

Gyokuka : I think you’d better get some rest as well.
Shuuei : Thank you, but I still have one more important thing to do.
Gyokuka : They’re in the inner room.

The triplets..

Shuuei : Excuse me.
Shuuei : Aniue, please make a bet with me.
Shuuei : If you win, I shall obey your will. However, in case that I win..

Setsuna : Fine. Shuuei, we shall accept. But, you should know better than anyone…
Setsuna : Up until now, we have never lose in that bet, not even once..

Random (!!) scene~ (of a blue-ish bird…)

Shuurei : ..huh? Tou-sama, is there something happened?
Shuurei : Somehow, you look sad.
Shouka : Well.. I’m just thinking that no matter what, parents would be sad whenever their children decided to leave their side.
Shuurei : Huh?

(Shouka treated Shusui as his daughter...)

Shouka : Don’t mind what I’ve just said. Have some more sleep.

Shuurei : ..Tou-sama!? What are you doing in the Ran province!?
Shouka : Ah.. uh.. H.. His Majesty asked me to. He wanted me to come along.
Shuurei : Is that so?
Shouka : Yes it is.
Shuurei : But, where were you all this time? You weren’t there by either Ryuuki’s or Juusan-hime’s side.

Shouka : Well.. that’s because..
Shuurei : Yes?

Shouka : Umm… Kokurou rescued and brought me here.
Shuurei : Huh!? Tou-sama, you’ve met Kokurou?
Shouka : Uh.. no.. I mean, it’s like that I’ve met him, yet I haven’t… sort of thing…
Shuurei : Oh..

Shouka’s excuses about him being rescued by Kokurou attracted Shuuei and Juusan-hime’s attention instead… (he couldn’t put the blame at Shou-taishi in this matter… ^^;; )

Shuurei : Thank goodness..

(why does she have to pinch his nose!? She did, right? That’s on the novel alright, tho I wonder why they have to put this detail (and not the others).. Oh, well…)

Another view of Souko

Ryuuki : Ah.. uh.. Shuuei..

Shuuei : You’ve awake? It seems that your fever has completely gone, I see.

Shuuei : Shouka-sama has just arrived a moment ago.
Ryuuki : I see.. Leaving Shouka and Juusan-hime at the boat, wandering around on the mountain by my own.. Now that I think about it, something must have gone weird inside my head. I couldn’t have any other explanation.
Shuuei : Well, it’s not unusual, isn’t it?

Ryuuki : What did you say!?
Shuuei : **laughs** Your Majesty, concerning Juusan-hime and Jin…

Juusan-hime : Please come in.
Shuurei : What are you doing?
Juusan-hime : Sleeping all the time will make your body weak, so I’m doing some exercise..

Juusan-hime : You’re here to ask me about Jin, right? Have a seat.
Shuurei : Can I bring along Ensei and TanTan to take notes?
Juusan-hime : Yes, be my guest.

(Ensei, a writing brush, and an opened book…)

Ryuuki : I’ve heard about Jin from Juusan-hime.
Ryuuki : He killed his own father and being sentenced to death.
Shuuei : Indeed. Right after that, Juusan-hime was wandering around this valley of maze, Kyuusaikou. She was climbing up here all by herself, in order to plead to our elder brothers, the leaders of the Rans, to call off Jin’s punishment.

Juusan-hime : About Jin’s punishment, I was..
Shuurei : I won’t ask more than this. I can’t possibly know whether or not it is the truth, because I’m not the officer who was in charge at the time it occurred.
Shuurei : It’s not like I’m doing this to protect you and Ran-shogun, you see.

Shuurei : Regardless it was Juusan-hime’s plea, I couldn’t think that the leaders of the Rans would do something that might jeopardize their family.
Shuurei : If Shiba Jin has lived as Shun, there must be someone else who had deflected the law and rescued him.

Shuurei : For that Seiga to directly go to investigate this matter at the Ran province, yet returning without doing anything.. he must have known that he couldn’t possibly overcome his opponent.

Shuurei : In other words, it must be someone who have a very important position.

Shuurei : Whether it was the governor at that time, Son-heibushousho, or the head of the Gyoushidai at that time, Ou Ki, the current head of Monkasho.
Shuurei : Either case, I shouldn’t do anything until I can make sure of it.

Shuurei : This is just an example. If, at that time, Jin-san has been sentenced to death, and I was the officer in charge.. perhaps I will abide by the law and have him executed. I won’t budge, even if I was asked to do it in secret in order to rescue him; because it’s weird to give privilege only to one individual.

Shuurei : However, before the sentence is made, I will take many things into account. Depends on the situation, despite it is one of the 10 greatest sins, if I think there’s enough reason for it, I won’t hesitate to go against the Gyoubu-shousho in Kiyou or anyone else. I will choose to do something to change the law, so Jin-san won’t have to be executed.
Shuurei : For the sake of the girl that he had rescued, I think I will do anything in my power to avoid his death penalty, so that everyone can walk openly under the sun. This has nothing to do with the Rans or the Shibas. I’ll do the same even if it was a commoner.

TanTan : Uh-huh. That’s absolutely better. As I thought, you’re smart.
Ensei : I thought so, too. And then, I’ll certainly run around in order to make your idea come into realization.

(When Shuurei said that, TanTan recalled how Shuurei had rescued him..)

Juusan-hime : ..I’m sorry..
Shuurei : Well.. this is just an example.. come on, please don’t cry.. huh!?

Ensei said more than that. In the novel, he added, ‘..I’ll have the Gyoubu-shousho to write his agreement and stamp his sign in, even if I have to beat the crap out of him. Just leave it to me!’ (the thought of Ensei, a writing brush, and a book seems to be unreal..)

Ryuuki : Why did you tell me about Jin and Juusan-hime?
Shuuei : You’re planning to take Juusan-hime into your residence, aren’t you? Then, you have to know.
Ryuuki : Yes, I’m planning to do that.
Ryuuki : Shuuei, somehow we end up being together now..
Ryuuki : I want you. As an emperor, I want Ran Shuuei. Please come back.

Ryuuki : I want an ally. I don’t want a friend. As an emperor, I want Ran Shuuei.
Ryuuki : I’m here to get Ran Shuuei who will always be my ally. For that purpose, I will be a worthy emperor.

Ryuuki : I want your wholehearted loyalty as my subordinate for a lifetime. I want all your life.
Ryuuki : Please choose me, Shuuei. I have chosen you. That’s what I’m here for.

Shuuei : Your Majesty, I’ve been disowned by the Rans. I’ve made a bet, whether or not I can tell the difference between my elder brothers, the three leaders of the Rans. Up until now, Gyokuka-aneue is the only one who’s able to do that. If I win, I asked them to disown me..
Shuuei : And then, I have won my bet.

Shuuei : The Rans shows no intention to obey the present you. That’s why they didn’t want to meet you. The only thing that you’ve gained, after your long journey here, is me. I can no longer use any privileges that belonged to the Rans. Even so..?
Ryuuki : What? I’m here with the intention of taking you back with me. That’s more than enough.

Shuuei : Huh? Taking me back?
Ryuuki : Huh? You won’t let me? What? What do you want? Honestly, I don’t have much with me, but if you want something of that..
Shuuei : **chuckled** Then, I shall answer you with my sword.

Butterfly (also a blue one..)

Their re-match..

Ryuuki : …you’ve got to be kidding..

Shuuei : Which part of this that looks like a joke? This is my real strength. This is the gap between our strength.
Ryuuki : You’re not supposed to be as strong as this!
Shuuei : That’s a very rude thing to say. So far, I have only lost to Koku and Haku daishogun. Well, they are the only opponent of which I have ever been serious with.

Ryuuki : L liar!! I’ve been taught swordplay by Sou-taifu! I’m supposed to be strong as well! I won’t accept this!

Shuuei : ‘Strength is to be hidden’, that’s the precepts of the Shibas, who has taught me. I rarely show this. In other word, you’ve seen something that rarely comes by. That’s my answer.

Shuuei : From now on, I won’t easily go along with your personal wishes. When I’m against it, I will certainly express my disagreement. Well, if you just want to relax once in a while, I wouldn’t mind keeping you company.
Shuuei : I won’t hold back, neither will I yield. I won’t purposely lose against you for the second time.

Butterfly (again)~

Shuuei : Come to think of it, you were able to see through me. How did you know that I will come back?

Shuuei : In exchange of the hanashoubu sword that I’ve given up, you gave me this. Yuushun-dono must have been the one who have suggested you to do this.
Shuuei : Someone as absurd as you wouldn’t be able to think of something as effective as this.

The embroidered handkerchief~

Ryuuki : Do you remember? The go match that we had that spring, while having shuuei-dango.

The go match that he was talking about…
Ryuuki : Yuushun asked me to have a go match. He said that, if you’re being serious and won against me, then he thought that no matter what, you'd definitely return in the end. That’s why he told me not to be discouraged, no matter what had occurred.
Ryuuki : Being said that, I can’t help not being uneasy. However, it turned out to be exactly as what Yuushun had said.

No actual conversation, but this scene is nice ^o^

Shuuei kneeled down before Ryuuki, acknowledges him as his true emperor~

Shuuei : I, Ran Shuuei, from today on, vow to be at your service for the rest of my life. I shall present you my true allegiance.

Ryuuki : Let’s go back, Shuuei. Right now. I’m the emperor.
Shuuei : At your command.

And the (blue) butterfly fly away to the sky~ (nanchatte ^^;; )


The second part...


( 12 花束 — 一輪の花を奉げよう )
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Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
...we need Yukino Sai to tell us more about Ryuuren...
Mar. 2nd, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
awwww I love that scene between Shuuei and Ryuuki ^__^
Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)
Mar. 3rd, 2008 04:43 am (UTC)
thanks for the translation! Awww...that scene between Ryuuki and Shuuei seems really touching (though I haven't actually seen it XD)

My two most favorite characters XD

They are so sweet...hahahahaha

That's funny when Shuuei told Ryuuki: Someone as absurd as you would never think of something like that...LOL...did he really say that? Sounds like something Koyou would say...LOL XD
Mar. 3rd, 2008 05:06 pm (UTC)
Mmm.. more or less.. Shuuei said that Ryuuki's personality doesn't fit his giving hanashoubu embroidered handkerchief. Remember all of his presents for Shuurei in season 1? Shuuei thought that Ryuuki couldn't possibly do something as tactical as the meaning behind the handkerchief, if not for someone give him the suggestion about it.. well.. that kind of sort..
Mar. 4th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
LOL..."ryuuki's personality" meaning he's very staightforward with what he wants to say in his choice of gifts, or meaning that he's an airhead? LOL.

Yeah I remember all thost gifts he sent Shuurei in season 1...LOL...that was hilarious!!

Awww...I'm gonna miss them when the series ends :(
Mar. 4th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
There are more novels to come, not to mention manga, cd dramas and shiny merchandise~ plenty to look forward, tho in term of both visual and audio, I surely will miss the anime ^^;;
Mar. 4th, 2008 03:43 am (UTC)
Yeah I'm looking forward to the mangas and especially the novels....especially if very nice people would translate them XD and the cd dramas too...even though I don't understand anything :(
Mar. 4th, 2008 03:50 am (UTC)
Complete translation might be hard to come by, unless the novel is licensed by some English-language country. From what I know, you can always find Chinese translation (or maybe summary) pretty fast for the novel, manga, or even cd dramas.. (completely impossible for me, 'coz I know no Chinese ^^;; )
Mar. 24th, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
Thank you for the translations... I still can't find any translation in Chinese.... sigh.... Thank you!
Mar. 6th, 2008 10:42 am (UTC)
Oh, I was hoping to see the scene between Shuueia dn his brothers...but I guess it would have taken away from the storyline!

I love Ryuuren, Shuueia nd Ryuuki in this episode. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Only one more to go.

Any word on if they are planning another season or OVAs?
Mar. 6th, 2008 05:12 pm (UTC)
You mean the scene between Shuuei and the triplets when they're making their bets? The novel didn't give any detail either (tho I wanna see how did he manage to win ^^;; )

As for OVAs possibility and what not, I've no idea. I've been left behind since school starts -__-;;
( 12 花束 — 一輪の花を奉げよう )